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Designer: Tim Plorin & Roman Luyken
Material: Powder coated Steel, Bamboo
Dimensions: 230x120x77mm | 250g
Origin: made in Germany


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Desktop toolboxes seem to be trending, so we decided to make our own. As you know, we are great fans of simplicity, creating products that use materials economically and do not require any tools, glues or extra unnecessary parts to assemble.

It may look as though the Toobox only has 8 compartments, in reality it has a lot more. Our two level system allows you to place small items in the bottom, and larger ones across the top. We have designed the dividers with enough material to hold their contents, but with as much air as possible so that your hands actually fit to take things in and out.

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The Bamboo pieces slot into each other and clip into the powdercoated steel case with a ZERO tolerance fit. You may not see this detail, but the sides are designed at an angle, allowing for a 100% SNUG FIT connection between the parts. This way there is no space for any wiggling of any kind, yet the design remains unlimitedly reassemble-able.

Do you see the slots in the floor of the case? This is where the compartment dividers protrude through the body and also serve as little feet. Your tabletop is protected against scratches without the use of any extra parts.

Design by Tim Plorin
Tim Plorin is a holistic designer who understands how to make functional, manufacturable design aesthetic. From production, to packaging and right up to the final product, all components of Plorin’s design seamlessly fit together.

Socially Made, in Germany
Peppermint products are handmade by persons with disabilities, promoting equal opportunities, rehabilitation and enabling people to enjoy their human rights, beyond disability or any other factor. Parts and materials are sourced locally.