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Say hello to the awarded power strip designed to be the most beautiful multiple on the planet! Assembled in Germany in workshops for people with disabilities, it is built to last (2 year warranty) and impress (powder coated steel case)!

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Mirko Borsche, Creative Director of the Zeit Magazin, sums it up: I need power strips. Unfortunately they are the ugliest thing. Today, they are omnipresent, because of all the chargers, They constantly need to be plugged in and out. What our world is missing, is a multi plug so beautiful, that one is happy to see it. Finally I have found Plug 3, the most confident power strip I have ever encountered.”

Plug 3 Power Strip – Its heavy weight und rubber feet ensure a stable halt at all times. If this is not enough, one can always opt to secure the plug to a wall using screws and the integrated screw holes. The flat angled plug also allows for furniture to be placed in front of an outlet and still use it.

Name: Plug 3
Designer: Roman Luyken
Material: Powder-coated Steel
Dim.: 170x60x43mm|700g
Origin: made in Germany
Notes: cable 1,5m, wall mountable

Why does a Plug 3 cost 45€? It is quite simple, full body steel casing, with high grade Sandtex powedercoat finish, all made by hand in Germany, does not come cheap. This is a very unique product, and with respect to regular powerstrips, the production volume is highly exclusive.

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Design by Roman Luyken
He is half German, half Greek – half analytical, half emotional and that what his design is all about. Roman Luyken has learned quality and function from his structured intellectual father and passion from his energetic artist mother.

Socially Made, in Germany
Peppermint products are handmade by persons with disabilities, promoting equal opportunities, rehabilitation and enabling people to enjoy their human rights, beyond disability or any other factor. Parts and materials are sourced locally.

Handmade by Heinz
Heinz makes Peppermint products since 2014 in a workshop for people with disabilities near Stuttgart. We love the enthusiasm and pride he puts into every single handcrafted product.
Heinz, you are one in a kind.

German Design Award
The Plug 3 ‘Steckdosenleiste’ is the proud winner of the esteemed German Design Award 2017 Special. The international jury guarantees prizes will only be awarded to projects that truly represent pioneering contributions to global design.

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