Half Candles are three candle holders made of concrete. They are designed with functionality in mind. The heavy base prevents the candle from falling over. The chamfered inner edge catches any spilling way and the tapered slot allows for the candle to be held firmly without having to stick it on with wax and such adventures.

Design by Roman Luyken
He is half German, half Greek – half analytical, half emotional and that what his design is all about. Roman Luyken has learned quality and function from his structured intellectual father and passion from his energetic artist mother.

  • Name: 40300 Half Candle
  • Designer: Roman Luyken
  • Material: Concrete
  • Dimensions: dia. 50 x 40/60/80 mm | 250g
  • Notes: Set of 3 Candleholders
  • Origin: Handmade in Germany

3x Half Candle

36,00 Incl. Tax & Shipping, 3-5 Day Delivery

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